4 03 2007

So it’s 2am, I’m waiting for the girls to call for rides home from the bars. PatriotsGuy starts talking to me online, per usual. We’re friends. Good friends? Maybe. We only talk online because, well, I never see him in person. which is all whatever. I don’t care that much. He’s a lot of fun to talk to online and in person. Anyway, I guess one could say I flirt with him online but really how do you flirt online?!

I just make fun of people. a lot.* And for some reason that makes guys like me. Figure that one out. Anyway so we’re talking about our nights. He went to the hockey game, and I went to a pure romance party (yea, the girls night/sex party). It was a pretty stellarly normal conversation. He begins by joking that we’ve been friends for 2yrs and no one really ever puts up with him for that long. We joked about that before. Then says that I have to keep talking to him bc otherwise I would “ruin our great thing we have” Our great thing?? OUR THING? ok. Breathe. I had a few drinks. Maybe I was reading too much into his language. Just because guys have been dumbasses and f-ing chickens and asked me to “be something” with them over instant messenger before doesnt mean I need to be paranoid forever. And then he just kinda pulls this outa nowhere!

Patriots: ok
Patriots: so what do i mean to you….ha…i am putting out the hard questions now
Me: hard questions? now? so not cool
Patriots: lol
Me: idk what?
Patriots: idk either
Patriots: i did take a shower and i am clean though
Me: ooo good fo r u?
Me: well i think it’ss bed time for everyone
Me: gnite!
Patriots: damn you
Me: y?
Patriots: always leaving when it gets serious…lol
Me: i dint know yur being serious
Me: sry
Me: but i dont think thats a tongiht thing
Patriots: lol i know…you have a good night, i am glad i got to talk to you though
Me: nite!
Patriots: makes me sleep better
Patriots: night

FUCKING HELL!!! What the freaking fuck?!? This was never a “let me get to know you and then we’ll date” NO this was a ‘eh you just dont do it for me, but you rock as a friend’ I must send the most mixed up fucking signals. You know, reading over this again, I feel deja vu…. hmmm let me search my archives. It might just be the alcohol but… I feel like I’ve heard this all before.

Well, here’s from this summer:
MrOpportunity: i just wanted to tell you something
MrOpportunity: is all
Me: you cant tell me over the phone?
MrOpportunity: well, i had a lovely time at dinner, but i messed something up
Me: ???
MrOpportunity: i just wanted to tell you that i love you way too much for a casual relationship, it’s becoming more of a feeling instead of a conclusion, i know you said you run a lot, but i just wanted to ask if you’d consider it, there’s just something about you i can’t get past
MrOpportunity: sorry for that….

WOW. I feel like they’re missing something here. idk what it is… maybe my perfume is justfuckingamazing (Cinema by YSL if you’re curious) but seriously people! Get a backbone. Call me. Talk to me in person. and really now, when I’ve been sending “I’m just not that into you” vibes for 2yrs… I hate persistent boys. for good fucking reason.

*And to be honest, it’s not a haha-ur-so-funny! way… i’m sarcastic, caustic, and downright cruel (oops)




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