Happy Feet – Walk It Out

1 03 2007

I’m a bit down right now – totally stressing about the amount of work and studying I’ve going on. I’ve a HUGE marketing exam tomorrow which I absolutely need to rock. My roomie’s bf arrived (a day early) and my friend w/ boy troubles has gotten really, well, murphy’s law. Being perfectly honest, I love being there for my friends but after a while I really tire of listening and listening and listening and feeling like no one ever sits down to listen to me. Plus I just gave blood. Feeling completely unappreciated right now. What crap. Well, I’m off to de-stress by studying (what?!). Here are a few things keeping my spirits up that you might appreciate:

Lily Allen – Alright, Still
Beatles – Abbey Road
Radiohead – everything! especially “Yes I Am” (acoustic)
Beck – Odelay & Guero (check out “Girl”)

O sweet hell! It’s freezing rain and thunder and lightening. lightening? off the internet! Have a good one!




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