valentine’s day

11 02 2007

Well, as you all know, Valentine’s day is just around the corner. I have been dreading it for the last 2 weeks. I’ve never felt like this around the 14th ever. It’s kinda weird. This semester though, I know exactly how it’s going to turn out. 2 of my housemates will be wake to beautiful flowers and gifts from their very perfect boyfriends. 2 of my housemates will receive flowers and gifts in the mail from their wonderful, though absent, boyfriends. I will sit around and do my homework and try not to listen to them talk about how much they love/miss their amazing significant others. I will study my french as if my very life depends on it as they discuss futures and engagement rings. I will smile and nod, but on the inside, I will cry because I wish I was one of them.

There are indeed a million joys of being single. You can go out with the girls and not have to ‘ok’ things ahead of time. You can go out on dates with different guys all week long just for a free dinner. You can dress like a slag and tease the guys at the bars. You can have a smoke when you want without fearing he’ll smell it on your breath.

But when it comes down to it. We need to be with someone. We need to be held and cared for. We enjoy having someone to do the same for. It’s fun to go out on dates and not have to worry what he thinks of you or expects of you. When you’re alone for long periods of time you can get very lonely. Just having even a long-distance guy to call up and talk to about your annoying friends and soccer vs. football and the new bands you’ve heard of… that’s enough to keep you going.

It’s tough when your boyfriend is in Australia and you’re stuck in the States. Or when he goes to school 5 hrs away. Or when he’s always busy because he’s in sports. It sucks. It really does. But when you’re miserably single and surrounded by that, it’s hard not to wish you had those problems too.

I don’t want a box of chocolates or dozen roses for Valentine’s Day. (Although the meltaways from allie were spectacular! thanks!) I don’t want a little mermaid valentine with candy attached. I don’t even need a card. I just want someone all my own.

my feelings exactly! ages ago from LondonGirl




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