bemoaning the death of good radio

9 02 2007

Haha! So I love that James Mercer of The Shins called all that crap on the radio these days “emo, candy-ass bullshit.” THANK YOU! Someone other than me noticed all these 17yr old pussyboys running around like depressed gods singing crap songs moaning about their horribly sad middle-class lives. I can’t even listen to the radio these days. There are all these bands out there that no one can tell the difference between anymore. They’re lyrics are peppy, repetitive, uncreative poems written at a fourth grade level.

I just got back from The Shins concert this weekend – AMAZING – and I have to say the emo kids there… It was incredibly difficult not to laugh in their faces. Luckily the crowd was mostly age 20 and up but there were some random 16 yr olds running around with long straight bangs swept from one ear to the other and covering half their face. I love it when teens try to emanate the punk or indie vibes. They just don’t seem to understand that the look isnt all about how you dress. It’s the way you present yourself. You can dress as indie as you want, but copying a look doesn’t get you there. It’s all about being independent, being your own person, dressing the way you like. If you’re a prep all punked out, let me let you in on a little secret. We all know. We can see right through you.

UPDATE:  Download Last.FM immediately!!! Rocks my life!




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