mars & venus

19 01 2007

My last day of working over break! Woo! It looks like it will be an eventful day – already there was a coffee crisis in the break room. 6 women standing around looking concerned at the empty coffee pot… Woe is me! Oh whatever shall we do!?! So we did what we always do in dire situations like these. We call a man.

The funny thing is, despite our constant protest of independence, we still like to be able to depend on men. Now before the feminists all search me out to behead me in the name of liberty, let me explain. I’m not saying all women are like this, but many of those I come into contact with in my day-to-day are. We do enjoy being free to do what we want. However, there are times when it is just easier to call a man to the job. Yea. I could prolly have taken 5mins to figure that coffeemaker out. But when someone else can do it…?

For years there was this idealistic movement that women do not belong in the home. They should work and play like men “because we are equals.” We can agree ’til our voices are gone about that. Beyond that though, there appears to be a bit of a return to the traditional ideas of strong men and dependent women. The women in the break room today were all strong intelligent individuals. Anyone of them could have taken care of the problem. It’s just nice to look to a guy sometimes. 

Many women now balance the home/kids/career life. Isn’t it nice though to sometimes just lean on a man? To feel safe knowing he’s there to protect you? It isn’t about who brings home the $$$ or who takes care of the kids. It’s about being able to take care of someone and have them take care of you.




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