Still exams

14 12 2006

But I’m alright they all cried
As they stumble down the stairs
I’m just finding no inhibitions
No rhyhthm worries or cares
And you’re unstoppable now
Moving on the dancefloor
You’re unstoppable the world is at your feet if only for tonight

~ Milburn “Roll out the Barrell”
from Well Well Well album

Well, have to admit that sounds a bit familiar. Can’t even begin to tell amazing drunk stories however. Unfortunatly it seems I have always been the one with the lowest tolerance… and thus miss most of the night. Sad. Apparently I’m a pretty ridiculous drinker. But I’ll save those stories for later.

I’ve absolutely no focus right now. I slept most of the day away after pulling an all-niter to finish my marketing project. ugh. It was complete crap, but at least the class is over now. yay. I’ve a 10pg paper left to write for my religion class and one more exam on friday for astronomy. I am beyond ready for this to be over. I feel like such a naughty girl. I stole my roommate’s car this morning at 6 to pick up some cigarettes… none of my friends know I smoke. I too afraid of what they’ll say. None of them smoke. I’ve just been so stressed with classes and work and the drama that goes on in the house – I just need that focus. I’ll stop once break starts. Can’t smoke at home anyways. Mom’s asthma is horrible and acts up the moment she smells smoke.

So IndieGuy aimed me this morning bright and early while i was still working on my project.

IndieGuy: watch that
IndieGuy: good luck finishing! i’m sure you’ll do great on it
me: thanks. :-\
IndieGuy: no
IndieGuy: only happy faces
IndieGuy: -)
IndieGuy: like that

The video is pretty crazy though oddly believable. I’ve seen some of my geekier friends do much of the same thing with those amazing editing skills. What made my morning was how convincingly sweet he was. The rest of our conversation was much the same. We usually just joke around and flirt and make fun of each other. I was beginning to wonder if he was a crush only.




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