Exam Week… Part 2

12 12 2006

Woooo!!!!  Can life get any better?!  I submit that it CANNOT! Woooo!!!  Yaaay!!!!  So I am completely and totally done with both Business Law and Statistics!!!  I  actually feel pretty good about those tests too.

Well, with blaw it’s tough to say really how I did.  You could get 100/147 and get a B or a F… everything depends on the curve.  That class was crazy hard, but I will miss it.  The prof is a local attorney, and taking his class made me kinda wish I was still considering law school.  The tests are scary though.  This one did not include essays, but when a prof throws a 36 page exam down on the desk in front of you, you are bound to be a little frightened to say the least. Well it’s over.  That’s what matters.  Even if I flunked the exam (which I don’t think I did) I would get a C for the class.

Stats on the other hand… I think I actually aced it. Well, not ‘aced’ but I think I got an A or AB which would give me an AB for the course.  That would be AMAZING.  I have worked my ass off in all 5 of my courses this semester.  I’ve worked harder this year than ever before. I really really hope this all comes through for me because it has definitely cut into my social/drinking/anything fun habits.

Right now I’m taking a bit of a break from the studying. I figure I’ve earned it. The girls are all gone – went on a walk. It’s gotten now that I can only blog when they aren’t around. I wouldn’t have a problem with them reading the blog. I have nothing in here that stands out as stuff they don’t know. I suppose it is more just having something secret.

Ooooo…. I hear lots of moving around in the kitchen. EvilQueen is packing YAY!!!!I should prolly head down to the kitchen though and make sure she isn’t packing up all of our dishes and stuff too.  She would.  She’s pretty much evil like that, but that’s a story for another day.

UPDATE: Ok, so in my boredom and procrastination I started doing another one of those list things.  This one was ‘highlight everything you’ve done’ and listed everything from eating fried green tomatoes to see the Great Wall of China.  Well now, here I was excited to see how much I’ve done… only to realize that  A) I haven’t lived long enough or B) I am just not a very exciting person. Hmmm …really must work on that.




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