Missing Londontown

9 12 2006

I suppose I should be sleeping or studying for my exams. However, reading Girl Dates London and I Said, You Look Like a Frog is far more interesting. I suppose I could stay up really late and see if anything creative shows up on PostSecret, but I am getting a bit tired. Afraid I’ve gotten a bit of a cold. 😥 Anyway… back to slacking off…

So I ran across this post by LondonGirl ages ago and finally remembered to link to it. COMPLETELY AGREE!!! What is it with men these days??? To be honest, I do know guys who are completely capable of being manly men yet sensitive* enough not to be a complete ass. However, having mastered this, they are all off the market! This is so incredibly frustrating.

Even more frustrating though is the fact that many of these same guys I have known for years… Just a year or two ago they were all considered “cute but undatable” by every girl alive because of their immaturity. And who is the only one not in a relationship? me. sad. Of these amazing friends of mine, 3/6 girls and 6/9 guys are all in relationships! This is crazy! Or not so crazy. Just a bit depressing.

I don’t live in a big city and do attend a smaller college so the dating pool is significantly smaller than I would prefer. Quite a few of the students here on campus went to my high school as well. Random pulls not allowed. It’s funny how fast word travels around the campus. You can makeout with one random guy on friday and by saturday night your English prof knows all the gory details. I supposed that’s why we American girls go a bit nuts when we study aboard and pull several Irish/English/Aussie guys the moment we set foot on foreign soil. You can get away with it overseas – in big cities of course. It isn’t even a big deal if you pash a French one night and run into him the next while pashing an Aussie. Oh londontown… How I miss thee.

1:30am – Back to studying for Business Law.

*I am in the market for a guy who can cook… as I fail miserably at the stove…




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