An Unfriendly Visitor

10 11 2006

ok. Normally, I’m a pretty reasonable person. (or rather, that is something I like to believe) However, I am not not NOT ok with this. The EvilQueen is sitting for a Hedgehog. no. no. no. We said no pets. None. Fish? yea sure whatever. but a hedgehog??? no. I don’t care if it is just for the weekend. no. I don’t like how animals that live in cages like that smell. I don’t like the sounds they make. More than anything, I am pissed that EvilQueen didn’t ask. If she wants to have a pet over for the weekend she needs to ask us for permission first. Did she? NO. not one word. I REFUSE to keep it. i dont even care. this is bullshit.

This is just one more thing on top of everything else. Just last night we had a house meeting… and one the night before that as well. We had the original one to settle up on housing for next semester. 3 of the girls are studying abroad so we need to fill their spaces in the house or we’ll be charged extra. EvilQueen and her roommate (my former london roomie) didn’t show. We informed her roomate – who couldn’t make it – that we would have the mtg anyway and give her minutes from it.


The two who missed the mtg then received typed minutes, which might have seemed a bit much.  I know we were just figuring ‘if we planned the mtg we should carry on with it.  If they can’t come we should tell them what happened – like you do for school.’  Prolly pretty childish now looking back at it.  So we had to have a 2nd house mtg.  So the second mtg was immediately following my business law 3.5hr exam. Not cool. I’m never pleasant after one of those. At the mtg we discussed the previous mtg and the verdict from our housing intern on the situation. Still we argued. hell no. And now a hedgehog???

UPDATE:  So this really was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Allie and I confronted her about it and she went on a rampage! EvilQueen told us off, said she had no respect for either of us. Then after we left to go talk it over outside of the house, she reemed out CL to the point of calling her a complete ‘spineless coward and bitch’ because she refused to take sides.  That is so incredibly MEAN.  CL is such a sweetie!  She just hates confrontation and tries not to get involved.  I just spent an hour trying to get both of the girls to stop crying and am a total loss. EvilQueen can call me anything she wants. I couldn’t care less – the others aren’t quite as tough-skinned. She’s just MEAN.  Currently, everyone is hiding out at our boys’ house… They’re all scared to death EvilQueen will suddenly grow fangs and claws and jump ‘em. I can’t blame ‘em.

I kinda feel terrible though about the strain it’s put between my old roomie (her current) and the rest of us.  It’s almost like Us vs. Them.  I miss her. I feel horrible that we never really talk or hangout.  I just really can’t handle evilqueen. She makes me so angry sometimes!

The whole issue is a bit hilarious, don’t you think? If people weren’t so upset at least…




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