Damn Boy

6 11 2006

This morning at 11:30am
IndieGuy: what kind of conversation did we have on friday? lol
Me: lol
Me: i definitely asked you to marry me
IndieGuy: haha
IndieGuy: i remember two kids and a dog
Me: yep
IndieGuy: u tried to rape me via phone again, didnt you?
Me: lol no of course not
Me: thats not my style
IndieGuy: ha! liar

Oh yea, and by the way… Patriots suddenly is in relationship again. What?! Ok. Wait. What?! How does that work? One minute he’s all way too much and then the next he’s in a relationship. Ok, so I haven’t actually talked to him about that, but one of the girls in my house pointed out (yes, I am not the facebook stalker of the house) that he was in a relationship again. I’m not disappointed at all, just was startled I guess. Is it not weird?




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