Halloween Weekend

29 10 2006

Just thinking about this past weekend makes me smile. How crazy can we get??? *a-wink!*

Friday was a beautiful night.

Friendly Patriots is getting creepy sadly. I just dont know what to do with the kid. Is it not weird that we’ve seen each other only 3 times in 2yrs? I think he is very nice. He just tends to overdo the internet thing. Par Examp – the moment I shift my mouse (although am still “away”) he aims me. Ok, so people do that. He also told me I was beautiful:

“i think i figured it out”
“i was lookin at your pictures and you are really photogenic”
(anyone who knows me and my stoned look…) “umm thanks but no i’m not”
“yes you are very beautiful”

wtf? Who says that? It wouldn’t be so weird if he made fun of me or we had a conversation that led up to this. But his came out of nowhere – was the exact beginning of our conversation! Then on Friday I spoke to him online for all of 1min or so just being nice. I put up an away msg “getting pretty” …um hello? I was getting ready for the dance for my social independent group… and turned off the msg to talk to my best friend from home who is never online while I got ready, and he aims me “I knew it wouldn’t take you long to get pretty.” Who says that?! lol actually that was my response to him. I know it was rude but how am I supposed to get across the msg that I am just not into him as more than a friend. He’s fun. Just a friend though. Hmmm. Senior year is being very interesting.

So anyway… Friday night was awesome. My sister and I are in the same social group so she came by and we walked to a friend’s house to pre-game before the dance. She was ridiculously funny! Before transfering to my school she was at a huge university in a big city and was shocked that one can walk about with an open liter of alcohol without getting stopped by the cops. Hello? Welcome to small town USA. Anyway, pre-game, drinking at the house, drinking on the bus to the way-the-hell-out-there bar… might’ve drank too much.

Actually, the correct sentence there is that I drank WAY too much. Half the night is clear only through stories and pictures. I remember the great fun and dancing and meeting new people. I don’t exactly remember irish step dancing with the girls (the group is primarily irish)… or getting sick in the bathroom… or someone stealing a SoCo bottle from the bar… or getting kicked out of the bar… All I know is what my sister relayed to me the next day. Apparently I had upwards of 12 drinks (again!) and was in one of the bathroom stalls for 30 mins. Luckily, I didn’t stand out too much since, according to my sister, all the stalls were full of girls being sick. I only drunkdialed one person though – which might be a record for me.  Apparently one of the girls fractured her foot step dancing, and I have a bruise on mine that looks like someone stepped on me with their heel. I fell asleep on a bench waiting to get back on the buses, and someone stole all the money from the purse my sister and I shared. Then the InfamousEX (my sister’s ex-fiance/father of her child) picked us up from outside a gas station after the bus dropped us off back by campus, and they dropped me off outside my house.

UPDATE: News just in: Apparently I also raced over to my favorite guys’ house and demanded to play Beer Pong even though none of the guys I know were there. Awkward. I also proceeded to spend all of Saturday experiencing the first major hangover of my life and basically wanting to kill myself. So for the 4th time in my life, I am swearing off alcohol completely. No. Don’t judge me. I made it a whole 2wks sober once. That’s pretty commendable.

Now it’s sunday, and I’m slacking off majorly. I spent all day working on that damn presentation for the Honors shit Program that can kiss my ass. It’s pretty good actually. I’ve found acres of footage on YouTube of player and fan violence. Think I’m gonna open up the presentation with that to, of course, get across to my audience how crazy sports have become and then go into how this influences current English culture and specifically children. Woo for me. ugh. Back to the grindstone.




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