Missed Opportunities

22 09 2006

Why is it everytime I try to forget you… that’s when you act like it’s still the summer, and we flirt like we used to. I was literally just thinking about you, and out of nowhere you aim me.

IndieGuy: hi
Me: hey
Me: how are you
IndieGuy: good
IndieGuy: you
IndieGuy: sex
IndieGuy: right now
Me: lol excuse me?
IndieGuy: haha
IndieGuy: damn
Me: is this really IndieGuy? how drunk are you?
IndieGuy: i was expecting a more crazy reaction
Me: lol well i couldnt exactly type that
Me: 😉
IndieGuy: naughty
Me: we never drank together this summer. we should reunion soon in madtown.

…And then he never responds…. Why do you do this? I think you know I still like you. For some reason there are only a few guys I’ve never been able to get over, and they’ve been recent. I’m pathetic. I only want what I cant have. Is that it? I dont know. I don’t know anything anymore. All I know is that I miss you. Everyday I walk passed that restaurant you took me to for our date – our only 2 real dates. Everyday I see it. Everytime I think of you. Everytime I wish you were here, that I wasn’t so nervous, that you’d made a move, that you’d tell me you miss me like I miss you… The only reason I feel this way is because you treated me like no one ever has. You liked me from the start. You gave me shit about everything. You treated me like an equal yet you took the traditional role; in driving me everywhere, being sweet and funny. I’m the one that messed up.

I guess I was more right than I realized when I said I dont do relationships.




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