Job Search

8 09 2006

…so I’m kinda freaking out a bit, as I always do when I start thinking about graduating and getting a job. I’m psyched about it, don’t get me wrong. I’m ready to graduate college. I’m just not sure how to get a job. I don’t know if I’m proactive enough to find the right opportunities.

Met with the career services people tonight for a formal ‘Introduction to Life After College.’ It was informative… but the same information as always. Everytime I meet with them I hear, “Oh good for you! Graduating early! Check out these websites.” What? Check out these websites? That’s how you find a job? What about networking? How do I learn to network? I’m so lost. Marketing and sales tend to go hand-in-hand… so often you hear of people who graduated with a degree or interest in marketing but started in sales. I have no confidence in myself in sales. Oh, I can be a very persuasive person – but I don’t like pushing products or services – especially cold-calling. *shudder*

I know there must be jobs out there for entry-level marketing assistant type people…. but how to find them??? save me! And they tell me I’m supposed to spend 1.5hrs a week actively job searching… that’s a good chunk of my free time – time spent with friends. The rest of the time I’m busting my butt studying for these damn classes because I was a dumb enough shit to try to take on 20 credits – cramming my hardest classes all into one semester. kill me.




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