WTF? I’m being crazy I know

22 08 2006


Wow. Just wow. I don’t even know where to begin! Mom is driving me nuts! I don’t know exactly what sparked this but wtf?!? Last week she didn’t talk to me for an entire day. Ok, so she did, in short phrases but only if I asked her necessary questions like ‘when did you say the dentist’s office called?’ Other than that she was just pissy! Now, this morning! omg. She was way out-of-line. To begin with, I am HATING living at home during the summer but I have no choice really till I’m out of college and financially independent (thank god those usually kinda go hand-in-hand). So I was sitting eating my breakfast this morning before my ride to work arrived, and mom starts on my case. Apparently, my older sister’s birth control pills are MIA and I must have stolen them. WHAT? She says, “Now I know I told you I didnt want you on the pill, but it was for a reason. There is no need to try to sneak behind my back and steal your sister’s in order to start taking them! You should never take someone else’s prescription!” …sry. what? I did what? no. nope. never. True, as mom knows, I did ask my older sister if I could have her driver’s license and buy her a new one. However, she turned me down. I didn’t steal that so why the hell would I steal her pills???

First of all, I’m at work. woo. Once again my boss is missing… Really now, does that make any sense? I mean I have absolutely no problem whatsoever w/ her being gone as I cannot stand the woman. However, my fellow interns and I are going stir-crazy because she always leaves us w/ a task, which we finish easily and then have to wait hrs – or in this case days – till she can give us a new one. As if it would be so incredibly difficult to give us a series of tasks to do… Because you know, as college students, we’re pretty incompetent to do anything beyond data entry… argh! …Monday – boss missing all day, Tuesday – she shows up from 1-3:30pm, Wednesday – arrives promptly at 10:40, which is 2.75 hrs after us… god I can’t stand that woman!

…I try so hard not to let it get to me… But it drives my absolutely mad when my friend’s mobile vibrates every 3 seconds and I know it’s IndieBoy. I love that we’re all friends but I always feel completely left out of the conversation. They’re txting about plans for lunch, which I will be attending as well. Granted it doesn’t make sense for IndieBoy to be txting both of us as we sit practically next to each other but I hate that I f***ed up so bad that he never ever txts me anymore. It used to be that he and I txted back and forth up to 100x a day. Yes, that is excessive. But we were both at work and bored shitless… Then suddenly, it’s as if I don’t exist. No more calls or txts or anything. He talks to me online. And every once in a while when the 3 of us hang out after work… But it’s as if we are both friends of hers that just have to hang out with each other but don’t really know each other.

..Ok, so maybe I exist because he just called but it was only because she didn’t answer her mobile. Wow. Pretty sure I’m the most jealous person alive. See it isn’t because I like/liked him that I’m jealous though. It’s that it’s like we aren’t good friends anymore – like I dropped off the face of the earth. So then I send him a joking txt so yea… Now we basically hate you for ditching us… which is totally not true and he knows it because he had to do lunch with his bosses… But no answer. None. So… Why? Did I f***ing miss something????

haha. I just got off the phone with my sister… She was surprised her pills were missing. Apparently, mom somehow messed up completely on that one. My sister went to check and see if they were where she left them just a few minutes ago and informed me that they are not in fact lost/MIA/stolen. wtf mom. God I can’t wait to move out.




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