at work…

9 08 2006

Really have to stop doing this at work… guess work is just that dull. woo. so pretty sure despite going out on a few dates, the guy I like… pretty sure he likes our mutual friend/coworker.  Am I going crazy?  Am I thinking too hard? I really think he must.  I’ve kinda accepted that. I know that sounds bad, but I’m accustomed to it. Usually the guy I like likes me back at first, and then goes for my most outgoing gorgeous friend. whatever.

…oh lord. I hate all of this stress – really cant handle it. So I’m pretty sure IndieBoy likes her, which sucks for me. I just can’t tell. Maybe I’m just too quick to judge.  Maybe I just jump to conclusions like this too quickly. I guess it just kinda sucks because I’m sick of it always following the same path. There seem to be only 3 possibilities for paths when a guy likes me.

he likes me then loses interest after about 2wks
he likes me then starts to like my most outgoing friend after about 2wks
he likes me then gets weirdly clingy

…great…. just great. so the guy i like… well he either fits into 1 or 2. I mean thank god not 3 bc i’ve enough problems with MrOpportunity but still. Why cant there be a fourth option for me? Why no #4. He likes me and we date…. Damn life. I know I must be doing something wrong. I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe I’m just too shy. or awkward. or something

I mean it’s not like this keeps me up at night. I just feel kinda frustrated. I know it’s me… but what? I guess I’m making a bigger deal outa it than it actually is. Oh well. Maybe I’m completely wrong about everything. Everyone leaves for school in a few weeks. What sucks is that I’ll miss them tons. We’ve had so much fun this summer. It definately has been my best summer ever.




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