St. Patrick’s in Dublin

21 03 2006

Dublin was also a stop my family made last Christmas before our final destination (Killarney, IRE). So I’m pretty familar the area. I made sure we stopped at Trinity College to see the Book of Kells and by the Molly Malone statue etc… We had a blast playing tourists. We spent the first night roaming around the Temple Bar and actually ending up at a place called The Temple Bar listening to live music and drinking Guinness. My friend kept getting hit on by men as old as our dads… creepy! But eventually we met some (sadly, americans) students there and talked to them. Pretty sure this random Mike and I would’ve hit it off a bit better if it wasn’t such a family atmosphere. lol. like those two men!!! Oh!!! so right up by the musicians, who are playing all my favorite irish traditional drinking songs, which i knew all the words too… anyway, up by them are these two old men (prolly into their late 80s) sitting and enjoying their music and Guinness… they were ADORABLE!!! It was like 1am and they were still sitting there singing along and toasting each other!

The following night was St Pat’s and my friend and I wandered (again) thru the Temple Bar but this time we had two of her friends from university back in the states with us. They were studying just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland for the semester. The parade that day was weird so we just hung out and drank Guinness. I’ve always loved the beer but I am more of a vodka person than beer so one will keep me for ages… hence why i was sober all of St Pat’s day. It was still tons of fun tho. We watched a bartender leap over a bar, put a guy in a headlock and drag him outside. We had the funniest cab driver give us a play-by-play on a barfight that was happening just in the street in front of our cab… everything! it was awesome!

My friend got herself an honorary star (or two) on our makeout map. *wink*




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