Spring Breakers Visit

21 03 2006

One of my friends from high school and I had made plans to fly to Dublin for St. Pat’s this year… before I up and decided to study abroad in London. So plans got tweaked and she flew over on the 11th and stayed with TZ and at a hostel I booked in London. We spent almost a week just seeing the sights in Londontown and then roomie’s best guy friend from home came to see her too!So roomie and I took my friend out on the town that first night. Start London off with a drink is our motto! It was student nite at the Walkabout off Leicester Square. We almost always go there despite class/work the next day. It is always an amazing time! Immediately my friend met a guy there she absolutely fell in love with! She thought he was so genuine and sweet. While I spent the night makingout with random boys, my friend ended up going out around London with this guy she fell for. They spent up into the early morning looking at the stars and talking. How sweet! It was cool to talk to her all about it. The next day we went to Covent Garden and walked around. We went to Sports Cafe because two of the schools represented by us here were playing each other during March Madness and Sports Café is the only place that you can see American games. Bear came with roomie and was really rude by not talking to anyone but roomie… weird.

For the weekend, roomie and I took our friends all around for touristing, something I really havent done any of. We had a great time just wandering about. We all did the London Eye, which I did the year before when I was in London with my family over Christmas. It was fun all the same and then we took them to Wagamamas – best food EVER!!!! We did Tower of London on Sunday but then… the week + class + work started. Roomie and I hadclass on Monday. So our visitors went to see Buckingham palace and the changing of the guards. They had a good time and we all met up for dinner, and then went out to Angel and met up with TZ.

Tuesday thru Thursday I alway have my internship so my friend had to fend for herself during the day, but we still got together for evenings – saw Phantom of the Opera in the West End!!! It now TOPS my list of favorite musicials! It bumped Les Misérables and Wicked down a notch each! Then Wednesday we went to Walkabout again – but left early because my friend and I had to catch an early flight to Dublin the next day.




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