the 20th birthday

20 03 2006

The night before my official birthday, my friend who was visiting bought all my drinks at The Angel where we went with the City Uni boys. It was her last night in town. We got absolutely smashed on Aftershocks! I’ve no f’ing clue how I got home – I don’t remember it at all! Actually I do remember putting on my coat to leave the bar. I know I had to take the bus from Angel to Trafalgar and wait for the N97 there to Cromwell Rd…. I don’t remember any of that. I cant believe I made it. I think I remember getting off the bus on Cromwell… but? I do remember waking up the next day at 8am stark naked on my bed with my clothes literally chucked all over the room. Roomie slept at Bear’s that night thank god!

My birthday itself was awesome!  So roomie, Chicago, and Kris took me out for dinner at Med Kitchen that night and I got mmmm spagetti!!! and we had gelato cake!!! Actually dinner was amazing fun. I had such a blast. It was just the 3 of us because alot of people were really busy and even more were not talking to each other and couldn’t be bothered to come. fine be boring.

We ate, drank, and acted like children! Kris started us on melting the plastic straws from our alcoholic drinks in the candle on the table bc the alcohol in the straw would make them pop and sizzle and it was really exciting in a very mature sense. Our waiter was a dumbass. Seriously! First, chicago asked if we could get a pitcher of tap water and he was confused by the pitcher idea. Then they were always bringing out 3 plates and then lastly – as if forgotten – the last one.

When he brought out the cake he helps sing to me and walks away w/o giving us any plates or forks for the cake. So we are sitting there trying to figure out if he went to get some or forgot… and we start eating the chocolate walls of the cake that keeps the gelato in a cake shape… so the cake begins to melt. He comes by when we call him and goes “OH! You’re cake! It’s melting!” We’re like yea… so the forks and plates please? He returns with 3forks and 3plates and leaves… there are four of us… We finally get his attention again and get another set. Finally, toward the end we just played with the straws until he gave us our check (w/o us asking for it so he must have seen us playing around with the flame…). So we finally leave and roomie walks smack into the glass door. She thought was open. It was hilarious. The moment she walked into the door chicago doubles over in laughter and slams his fist on the other door making an even louder thud than roomie did, and the whole restaurant turns and looks at us. We seemed such drunks we were falling all over laughing so hard.




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