The List

14 03 2006


Hey all… it’s been a long while i know. So much has happened in my life – it’s been hella crazy. Needless to say I’m well on my way to becoming an alcoholic as I now drink almost every night of the week with the girls. We’re those adorable girls you are sooo jealous of in the bars because they’ve fit guys all over buying them drinks and trying to get their attention. Yet we’re too busy answering texts (from other good-looking men) or dancing with the girls to bother with them till we’re up for a good snog. Unfortunately, we are also well on the way toward broke. Dont really know where we left off…

Kris and I went to O’Neills because we were the only people not in Amsterdam… She mapped a Parisian and I got Finland! They were dece. Kris and I were beyond trashed last night. Neither of us could walk much. In fact, leaving the club I tripped and fell forward onto my knees right at the feet of the bouncer! lol! I couldnt stop laughing. Thank god we took a cab home – even if it was one of those illegal mini cabs. Now today, first Starbucks for a little recouping, then off the the Burberry factory outlet… lol so I get this random txt on the train to the outlet from the guy i macked on last night. No clue what he looks like…

The Makeout List

  1. M – England
  2. Mikey – Ireland
  3. Alfie – Uganda
  4. ??? – France
  5. Mr Rugby – Ireland
  6. Beni – Finland
  7. ??? – S. America
  8. Emmanuel – Puerto Rico
  9. ??? – England
  10. ??? – ???
  11. ??? – Australia
  12. Paul – England
  13. ??? – Brazil
  14. ??? – Singapore
  15. Nick – England

…think i’ll just keep updating to this as this studyabroad comes to a close…lol… so when you’re drinking you tend to forget names… countries… people… really funny one day was when I got this random txt from an unknown number hey grace, hope you had fun last night! I did! Let’s go for drinks later this week? …sorry. but I blacked out… no clue I’d even madeout with anyone that night…. lol ;)




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