aussies! and the walk of shame…

4 03 2006

So Wednesday was Walkabout night per usual. That night two of the girls and I went out. I madeout with this fit aussie who only used the very tip of his tongue for frenching and had a 6pack like I’ve never seen before… *sigh* and one of the girls was off with his super-fit friend. The guys invited us back to their flat, but I decline citing work in the morning… The next morning: Walk of Shame! lol. As I am walking to the Tube around 7:30am (yes, I got home at 4am alone again)  for the morning commute and who do I see but one of the girls I was out with the nite before walking back to our place in the same clothes she went out in… She stayed at the f***ing Buckingham Palace! She had hooked a Palace Guard and actually stayed at the Palace! (ok so the barracks of the Palace but still!) OMG. wow. just wow.

UPDATE:  So I txted the other girl I was out with last night… turns out she did the walk of shame too! lol classy.  love my girls!




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24 03 2008
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