update on mr rugby

13 02 2006

Ok, a quick update. Soooo… as you all know, this Mr. Rugby did not have a name… until now. So Blondie and I have been debating the best way to find out his name. emails… fake drunken phone calls… texts… a lot was discussed but an email won out. We kept texting…

Feb 11 10:54pm
Mr. Rugby: Hey hows it goin? D footy was bad wigan lost. Wat u up to tonite? A holiday wud b gr8, Wher ru goin? What do u work as?x

Me: Hey! Sorry missed ur msg last nite. hope u had a good wknd. my holiday is in italy. Interview went well – marketing intern. London rocks! Drinks this wk? x

Feb 12 8:00pm
Mr. Rugby: Wkend was good, Wat did u get up to? So ru at uni in london. Just got bk from wigan d longest train journey. Drinks sounds good x

Me: Hey- im in a program thru Imperial. Do u have email? x

Feb 12 11:02pm
Mr. Rugby: hmm dont think iv heard of it. My email is MrRugby@lse.co.uk how come, Ru gonna send me something?x

So… I emailed him… basically saying texting costs a lot. Plus I told him I was free Wednesday and Thursday night…. and all because I wanted to know his first name. So i carefully just said “hey – yadayada etc” and signed it a quick with my name. I did this thinking he’d write back and just sign his name – and then i’d know it.

Well now isnt he a genius. While I am running all over the internet in search of his name at “the prestigous London School of Economics and Political Science”… I am looking for his name. All i have to go on is a first initial and his last name – very helpful- NOT. So anyways i check my email later and guess what – got an email. He FACEBOOKED me!!! Not very many colleges here have it so I was stunned. it was pretty awesome though. and he is hot! thank god lol. I thought he was but i was so out of it that night… I’ll email you some of the pics from his facebook. Of course the one night i didnt bring a camera i wished i had. (by the way, he isn’t from england, he is from Belfast) Oh, and his name? …well i know… but you can know him just as Mr. Rugby. *wink!*




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11 12 2007

well played, grace 😉

11 12 2007


11 12 2007

WHERE ARE YOU??? How was your date? Mom is starting to worry. She cannot get ahold of you and thinks that someone absconded with you. Mr Rugby didn’t kidnap you, did he? Hmmm… I cannot make up my mind if I would want to be kidnapped by a hot man or not. Well, call home soon and settle all fears please!

11 12 2007

Dude, ok speak? This account is getting boring.

1 02 2008
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