The Makeout Map

8 02 2006

I should prolly note here a very important piece of information, which will be important for  the following posts…

Currently, there is a map. Initially it was just two girls I believe, but now all 7 of the girls we hang out with are involved. It really isn’t as much of a competition as it is a group effort to hit up as many countries as possible. How it works: We go to all these bars and clubs and always (well, not always) end up making out with these random (or not so random) guys. With all of our travels and with just how multicultural London is…. the boys tend to be from just about all over. The goal is to makeout with as many different countries as possible – each makeout warrants a star on the map. So I had England (FootballM) and Ireland (Mikey) and Roomie had the same countries (Bear and Rory). Between the other 6 girls involved they’ve gotten everything from France to South America… Now, please don’t think we’re sluts. Really we aren’t. Well, makeout sluts i guess. But as Kathryn pointed out, this is one time in our lives we can do whatever and not care about it. At home you give a ‘look’ to a taken boy and everyone across campus knows about it. That’s the problem with such a small college campus. But anyway…




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