too much wine for roomie

23 01 2006

It started out as a double date planned for Saturday. Both roomie and I had plans with the English Boys. We had been texting them all week and both M and Bear really seemed interested in meeting up mid-week in London.

On Thursday Bear e-mails roomie and asks if we all can hang out Friday because he and M will be in London. Needless to say we were both excited for Friday, but Friday morning came around and Bear called and said that they couldn’t make it. M had absolutely no money and Bear had a ridiculous amount of work to do. He asked if it would be ok if roomie and him just hung out on Saturday because he would for sure be in London then. Of course we shrugged it off like it was not big deal but I could not help but feel completely stood up despite the gazillion apologetic texts. Sooo… older guys do not have as much free time? They have been in the library all week studying for their finals and working on projects. See, we were going to take the train to Hertfordshire and watch M’s football match Saturday but now Bear was going to be in London so I didn’t really know if I was still supposed to go to Hertford or what.

Friday night roomie and I decide that we were going to go out the with College Boys. We went to dinner with chicago, hippie, and Ash then planned on going to the Icebar. Unfortunately, it was full so we went ‘pub hoppin’ from 7pm-9pm. Then we decided to go to TigerTiger. It was absolutely amazing in this bar. Very fancy. Very expensive. We were not dressed for it so we left early and booked our trip to Scotland!

Saturday now: Portabello Rd was sooo cool and eclectic I loved it of course! Definately a London Must-See. So we all left there around noon and roomie went off to meet up with Bear. She had invited Mishe and I to join them for the game but neither of us had much money (I gave roomie all of mine) and I really wanted to go back and finish that damn paper that I had.* So roomie went to Covent Gardens and Mishe and I went back to Metrogate to drop off our stuff and put on warmer clothes before mtg her and Bear for lunch at Covent Gardens. Well, I still didn’t have a key to the room… So we went back, I realized it was locked and borrowed a sweater from Mishe. So we bolt for the Tube trying to get to Covent Gardens and upon arrival I receive a text from roomie

We need to leave now to catch the train we r at waterloo u comin

…hmm okay so we dart back into the Tube and make it to Waterloo in time to get the key and they ran for the train. I spent the rest of the day working on my paper until late.

Roomie had said she expected to be back in town around 6-6:30… At 7 I called her cell and left a msg… I mean people run late. It happens. I got really dressed up thinking we were still planning on going to TigerTiger that night (yea, really hott). At 7:30 I tried her again but didn’t even get voicemail… So, bored, I went to the other girls’ rm (from same college as me) and just sat around talking to them. They asked about roomie and I explained she was on a date but was running late. One of the girls told me it was 8. Well now I was just a little worried…. I mean not much because Bear seemed a really cool guy the first time we met – very much the gentleman… but all the same… I called again… no answer… i was starting to worry a bit more because really we had only met him once… and that night he was drunk… and we were drunk… sooo… Well I called him finally. He sounded a little surprised but put roomie on. She just hadn’t kept track of time. Apparently, they were back in London at a bar/pub somewhere. So, relieved, I returned to my paper (going on 6hrs of paper now) and worked ’til some of the College guys and girls and Mishe stopped by and asked if I wanted to join them in Piccadilly Circus. Well I went. Moon Under the Water was alright, though a little dull. I had only one drink and became a little sleepy. At 11 when the bar closed I said goodbye to everyone becuase I wanted to go home and they were going to look for another place to go. Just then roomie calls to say she is on her way back to Metrogate. So I book-it from the bar to the Tube.

Omg! On the way I notice a really nice car outside of some club and people getting out. I noticed only because it was the only car – non taxi – in a place swarming with people leaving the bars and pubs. Out of the car steps Dominic Monoghan!!! HOLY SHIT! and a few other people -all beautiful people of course but no other Hobbits! I was stunned!**

But I had to go because I had the key to the room and roomie needed to get in and I didn’t want to make her wait. So I jumped on the Tube and ran all the way home – despite shinsplints. Upon arrival I walk up the stairs and who do you think was sprawled out on the floor, shoes off, back propped up by the wall, just grinning at me. Yep. The famous roomie. I wish I had taken a picture. One look at her and you know she is beyond. I let her into the room and she lays down on the floor and begins to tell me about her date. Well I pulled out a notebook to record all of her quotes and things from the night… here is what I have:
NOTE: all of the quotes are direct quotes from her. all grammer mistakes are hers and hers alone.

Roomie is completely smashed and singing to me right now, Let’s start at the very beginning… a very good place to start… do you know that song Grace?” roomie met up with Bear in Covent Garden (which she insisted on calling Covenant Garden) at the ‘white golden lion’ where they saw a magician.We walked around and around and walked over a bridge and ladedadeda…” She is laying on the floor of our room right now with her head propped up (barely) by her hands as she tells me all of this half monotoned it was awesome… really exciting. just gorgeous.we ate at a pretty pub. ridiculous amount of pasta.” And yes, she did say all of that as if they were complete sentences in her mind and she just forgot to say half the words. Wine followed the pasta, and while there they saw the writer of The Office. “I could just lean my back back and touch his back” Bear was flippin out because apparently he is a big fan of the show. Then she suddenly (as with all of this conversation) begins talking about something completely different as if it fit right into the last few things she said. “Bear says that Eastern England is amazing! I think all the title of the city places sound Yugoslavian really.”

They apparently walked everywhere and talked about friends and relationships but not about personal past dating relationships. She told him at 10:30 he needed to take the train home. Something about being kissed in the middle of a bridge… like something out of a movie. When she got back here he texted and when she didnt respond he called. She was excited he called (funny how she doesnt remember that). She constantly used the words: Lovely, pretty, amazing, fun, and gorgeous – sometimes to emphasize something, sometimes randomly as if remembering something but not saying it outloud. She said he wasn’t the boyfriend type: said he was too all over the place like me.” Announced that it was OK that we had madeout with Bear and M because the other boy who was there that nite had a girlfriend at the time but broke up with her 2days later. And apparently he had sprained his ankle that night (which i didnt know) and had to be practically carried home.

Her words are slightly slurred and she keeps interrupting her own speech with singing and humming as she tells me the conversations between Bear and herself. His aunt said, how’d you get stuck with BEAR??” Her eyes are stuck at halfmast – i’m thinking she’s gonna fall asleep mid-word. So apparently everyone knew he was taking her to Aldershot: his aunt, dad, sister, and all his ‘mates.’ She didnt let him pay at all though. “So…… that was the night…. (trails off)…IN A NUTSHELL GRACE!” okay cupcake, just take a breath. Now she’s rolling on the floor. “you know Grace… if you # key it locks? Dont do that because it shuts off my phone. You know some people have a distinct smell… I smell like Bear. We talked about pets for a really long while – about skunks, jellyfish…” She breaks off in uncontrollable giggles. Who talks about…” giggling and hitting the floor. Who does that!? I’m surprised I got home alright! I think it had to do with the conversation about scuba diving that I dont remember. Dogs, cats, bunnies, gerbals, and, of course, rabbits, and skunks… no clue why… something about a skunk farm.” giggles. “Shark would be the worst death in the world.”

So then she goes into this really in-depth coversation about how neither she nor Bear can open their eyes underwater (apparently they think thay are the only two people in the world who can’t.) And then she random asserts that Bear wears glasses sometimes but can’t wear contacts because he flinches when putting his finger near his eye. “I even listed off a weasel! Who lists off a weasel? Who does that!?” Giggling uncontrollably again and I am just waiting for her to cry from laughing so hard – she can’t stop. It was the rose wine, which he got just for her. She is holding her head up with both her hands right now telling me these stories. It looks like a lot of effort to hold it up. She just keeps going and going and going and going. “Oh Grace! I dont think I’d remember a night without you! Oh that didnt come out right! It made sense in my head! I just snorted! I never snort when I laugh! Now I’m crying! This is going to be a ‘roomie is a drunk person blog isnt it.’ We talked about Jack Johnson. Bear is crazy about him. loves him.”

“Oh. Then we talked about when British people sing American songs they sing in American. But when Americans sing British songs they dont sing in British accent…” She is perplexed by his Southern accent imitation. How does he do that? she wonders. “Good times, good times…” About the City boys she randomly states,Their status is here (drops hand) it would go way down.” rubbing her eyes now. “rrraaarrr… (yawn)… We could take them to covenant gardens… take the bus… the City boys I mean. Okay! Pictures!!! Come down here (referring to the floor she is laying on.) Because I can’t move.” She is still singing to herself and is really drunk.

Well we decide to take a trip to the girls room down the hall. After a few good laughs we leave. “roomie, you need to walk quietly.” She begins stomping her feet. QUIETLY.”I AM! So then she goes into the bathroom (which she swears is sound proof) and I hear her singing and humming to herself again. When chicago stops by later he points out she is slurring her words. She disagrees. He says yes you are,just listen to yourself! you sound like Ras-ra-ba-dur-ra-rum.” “No I Dont! Becuase I don’t like the letter ‘R’.”

Well, that is basically it. fun stuff. that wine really gets her good. silly silly roomie.

*You remember: I did that independent study with Dr. W on Gubernatorial Elections last semester. Well I didnt finish the paper before the end of semester and instead took an incomplete for it. That means it is due Feb 10th. Well, at this point I had 14pgs single spaced.

**I later told roomie about seeing him, but she was drunk and just kinda gave me a funny look and a “ooo grreeaaat…” Turns out, it wasn’t just her drunkeness that caused this reaction. She actually didn’t know who he was!!! Come on! It’s Merry Brandybuck!!!




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