22 01 2006

I think I really want to pierce my eyebrow. roomie and I debated it and I decided on piercing the left one. Okay so our ‘debate’ was much more:

“Should I do the left or right one?”
“Really? The left? I don’t know. I like the left one more.”
“Exactly. So the left one.”
“Okay, yea. The left one.”

’m not really sure why I want it. I just do. I really want to pierce it. I don’t think it’d make me all punk or anything. I am too ‘classic’ for it to come off as really punk. So of course now I am starting the normal worry about can I have it pierced for my job? Will they allow that? Would it make me look too punk-ish? I can always take it out if I don’t like it. I wonder what it’d look like with dressed up clothes.

roomie thinks its weird to email the internship director to see if there are rules or regulations about body piercings for my internship. I think I should at least check. Because I really want it I don’t care but at the same time I know that a certain level of respect at stuff has to be shown. I don’t know if regulations are stricter here or what.

my best friend back home had her eyebrow pierced for a while. She actually just took it out. It seemed perfectly natural on her. I think it would look just as natural on me. I think so. I don’t know. I guess part of it is that I feel so free to do something others would not necessarily look down upon (thinking of the guys from home here) no, wait, I do mean that they would look down on. I feel free to make decisions without worrying about what anyone else will say. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a sweet, studious, quiet at times, hyper at others. I’ve been told that I am a hilarious drunk, which sounds good to me because I quite thoroughly enjoy being drunk.




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