…buying legally…

20 01 2006

Damn it! I am sooo 19! In case anyone was curious I just thought I’d share that. So today, for the first time ever I went to the store to buy alcohol. legally. Oh sure I’ve bought at bars but never at the store. So exciting shit… Roomie and I went to Waitrose (supermarket) where I picked up a bottle of smirnoff vodka. I’m standing in line and the guy rings it up and asks for my ID. Not a problem I think as I pull out my license and hand it to him. He looks at it a little funny so I say – “sorry it’s a USA ID, my driver’s license“. He says, “I know.” Then he mumbles, “something something the hage police…” The what??? hate? hage? hash? police? Roomie says, “umm, she’s 19…” And I say, “Yea, I’m 19. It says so on the license.” He just keeps repeating something about “hash police” or “age please” and I can’t understand him.

And then he just doesn’t say anthing at all. Like I’m standing there wondering if he isn’t going to let me buy it. So just as I am starting to panic thinking, well i know I can legally drink at 18 but maybe you cant buy alcohol til you’re 21… wtf! And so what does he do? pushes a button underneath the counter! Okay at the ProShop where I work we have panic buttons beneath the counter that alerts security. So this loud beeping goes off and all the shoppers look at me. The manager comes over and takes one look at my ID and okays the transaction. But I was sooo embarrassed!!!!




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9 04 2008

you poor thing! i would have been mortified…what a dumbass! haha, i’m sure if you were at the wine cellar, everything would have been fine! i love it!

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