16 01 2006

Just wanted to say I just LOVE the fact that on my wall on facebook my professor from my Honors Bible class last semester commented on my wall just after a comment from one of my high school friends…

She wrote at 10:15pm January 11th, 2006
Ha you little slut! I read the blog like there was no tomorrow, simply devoured it like an opposing team devours the yards after intercepting yet another Favre touchdown… too soon? too soon… and let me just tell you that there had better be more entries as juicy as that in the future to keep my lonely studious nights interesting and to give me a purpose in life but let me just say I am disappointed in one thing… Where the hell are those pictures!?!

Oh girl! lol Oh Dr. Bolin! I’m sure he got a kick outa her msg. He is such a facebookwhore! Last semester – when I first put up a pic from Halloween of me falling backwards over the couch he asked me about it after class the day after i put it up. I’m sure he got a kick out of Kelly’s comment. lol. great guy. he comes highly recommended.




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